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Thread: Time for some new 18650 cells

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    Default Time for some new 18650 cells

    Its been a long long time since ive been on here and even looked at batteries. Ive had these cells since some time in 2010 and they have worked flawless but i managed to drop one and tear the wrap. I figure its time to replace them anyways but it is kind of a bummer because they have worked flawlessly all these years.
    Whats the good cells out there now? Are there any D size cells out i can swap to? These are in a 2D mag with a spacer.

    Sorry if the pics are too large i cant change the size.

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    Default Re: Time for some new 18650 cells

    You can easily rewrap those cells with some heatshrink and a hairdryer.
    Google "18650 heatshrink".
    There's a thread about it too.....
    Have fun.

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