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Thread: SPY Tri-V version 3B Signup Sales thread is now <<CLOSED>>

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    Arrow SPY Tri-V version 3B Signup Sales thread is now <<CLOSED>>

    SPY Tri-V version 3B Sales thread <<CLOSED>>

    This is a sale notification thread. As long as the title of this first post says <<OPEN>>, then Tri-V lights are available for purchase. If you want a light you can post in this thread or send me an email to Most people usually email me and do not post here in this thread. That is OK, post here only if you want to.

    This is a link to the Introducing the SPY Tri-V version 3B thread

    Pricing of Options and Packages

    Tri-V Price: $4595


    • add a Droid carabineer for $150 (this sale is available for the first two days only, 10/27 and 10/28)
    • add a Droid carabineer and titanium chain for $250 (this sale is available for two days only, 10/27 and 10/28)


    I charge for the actual shipping cost and all shipping options include tracking information.

    USPS Priority Express Next day shipping to all USA locations is $30.00 (CUSA only) this is not always next day
    USPS Next day shipping with insurance to all USA locations is $80.00 (CUSA only)

    Shipping to Canada is $45

    Priority Express Mail Shipping to all countries outside the USA is $50.00

    Priority Mail Shipping is not offered.

    FedEx shipping in USA is $140. (Recommended) (Your phone number is required)

    FedEx shipping outside USA is usually about $140.

    < Please check your PayPal shipping address, it is where I will ship the light>


    All lights shipping to USA locations will be insured by me for $4595.

    All the lights going to countries outside of the USA will be insured at $100 value and claimed for that same value. They MUST be the same, no exceptions. The risk is yours. FedEx is the only way to go.

    PAYPAL and FEES:

    There is no additional PayPal fee to you. If you are paying by PayPal, I will only ship to a PayPal-confirmed address. If I do not know you, I reserve the right to wait for payments to clear before I ship. Please check your PayPal mailing address before you send the payment!!!! If you want to ship to an alternate "gift" PayPal address that is fine but please remember to type that address into PayPal prior to sending the payment. Please do not use the PayPal option to send me money to friends and family as I will not get your shipping address.

    If you live in Pennsylvania or you pick up the light here at my shop the sales tax is 6% of the cost of the light.

    Please PP your totals to my PP address:


    Please email me for my records. The subject line of the email should be SPY Tri-V sale contact information. Please use this format for your personal information:

    Full Name,Address 1,Address 2,Address 3,City,State,Zip Code,Province,Country,Phone Number,E Mail,CPF Name,
    I need the phone numbers too.

    Include what options and packages you are interested in.

    Disclaimer: All the lights in this sale are new and unused. They are in as perfect condition as I can make them. What that means is they have no major blemishes but they do have cutter marks, tooling marks, and material imperfections. If you cannot stand a light that has the tiniest of scratch on it, then I recommend you buy a McGizmo light, they are perfect. All lights are shipped without batteries. This new policy is to keep the USPS from opening and inspecting the shipment.

    My email is cpfdata at That is also my PayPal ID. It is in my sig below.

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    Default Re: SPY Tri-V version 3B Signup Sales thread is now <<OPEN>>

    As a former owner from the initial Tri-V offerings, I'd love to see one of these in my future! They just keep getting better and better...
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    Default Re: SPY Tri-V version 3B Signup Sales thread is now <<OPEN>>

    Thanks everybody for the great response to this sale! There are only a few lights left now and I am including them in my new web site. This sale is going to be closed when my web site launches in the very near future as there is a price increase at that time. If you want to lock in one at this price just let me know before the site launches. After that I will open a new Tri-V sales thread here.


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    Default Re: SPY Tri-V version 3B Signup Sales thread is now <<OPEN>>

    <sale closed>

    Thanks everybody.


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