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Thread: [REVIEW] MiBoxer C4-12 4 slot Charger each 3A

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    Default [REVIEW] MiBoxer C4-12 4 slot Charger each 3A

    I received a free sample of this charger from Miboxer to do this review

    They sent me this charger with DHL express.

    The charger comes in a cardbox, that is slightly damaged at an edge.

    The box contains:
    - Charger
    - 230V EU power cable
    - 12V 5A PSU
    - Manual

    The manual is in English.

    The UI is quite easy and good described in the manual so I donít go further into it.

    This review is long enough, for specifications look for them on their website

    I made a time-lapse to show how the charger operates.
    At 12 minutes I change the current from automatic range to 3A per cell.

    The charger has a conservative automatic selected current, it does not provide too much current to any of my cells, but on some with PCB it charges very slow.
    Better use manual charge current.

    It charges all types of lithium batteries and NiCd/NiMh with the proper CC/CV and delta V charge curves.
    Good charge characteristics for lithium and NiMh.

    The charger also is capable to run as a powerbank from slot 4.

    The charger design seems similar to my Nitecore D4 or my Klarus CH4S just it is bigger so it can charge 4 26650 at the same time.

    It comes with a EU plug to my destination, easily to change the cable to other sockets.

    The first thing was opening the charger to look inside, how well it is build.
    It looks very similar to the C2-6000 that has also 3A per slot.

    The charger uses rails with sliders to make contact, all contacts and rails are made of coated steel,
    copper would be nicer but being steel seems not to affect the voltage readings much.

    The Chargers plastic is durable and also is reinforced.
    Both parts of the shell snap in as addition to the 4 screws.

    The resistance measurement with the charger seems consistant, just empty cells have higher value than it shows when fully charged

    First thing was to bypass the rails with 4 different wires to test this compared to the stock charger.

    The display comes with a protective film that is also labeled as such, often itís hard to see if there is a protection film on the charger
    so people donít remove it.

    The overall looking is better than my Klarus CH4S charger.

    The charger weights 615g with PSU so it is heavier than most other 4 slot chargers,
    definitely not a travel charger.

    The PSU is heavy and seems of good quality, I do not open it as it is sealed.

    The SMD parts are all lined up perfectly and soldering is good.
    There is one resistor that has a 2. stacked on top, soldered by hand there.

    The charger board is single sided the rails are soldered well.

    The springs are not soldered like in many charger so there is no risk that it gets loose.
    The charger board is really clean the contacts are made of plated steel.

    The battery contacts have 3 raised points to make contact to 10440, 18650 and 32650 sized cells.

    The slider has 2 raised points.

    The Charger uses low ESR capacitors the inductors are glued with silicone for mechanical stability.

    The charger has temperature probes for each slot individually.

    The microcontroller is the same than in the other Miboxer chargers.

    The slots have each 2 0.068Ohms sense resistors parallel.

    On the right side of the board is the USB output boost converter for slot 4.

    Near the DC power socket there is a claw chip like AMC7135s.

    The power socket is high quality

    Display board looks good.

    It is possible to charge 2 D sized cells but not really fitting.

    If the side would be shallower at the battery positive side it would fit.
    This was better in the C2-6000.


    - high quality build
    - 3A each slot
    - proper charge characteristic
    - can charge 4 26650 at the same time
    - good electrical safety
    - easy UI
    - slowly ramping up charge current
    - temperature control for each slot

    - only NiMh and 4.2V lithium batteries supported

    - 2 D-cell sized batteries do not fit in well, a minor change in the case design could fix this

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    Default Re: [REVIEW] MiBoxer C4-12 4 slot Charger each 3A

    What does measuring the battery's internal resistance do that other chargers don't?
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