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Thread: MiBoxer C2-6000 3amp Smart Charger Review

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    Default MiBoxer C2-6000 3amp Smart Charger Review

    MiBoxer C2-6000 3amp Smart Charger Review
    Hey folks today we will be reviewing the MiBoxer C2-6000 this is the bigger brother in the C2 line up. The C2-6000 lays waste to other quick chargers on the market with charging capabilities of 3amp per slot with a total of 2 slots. I will have the C4-12 review coming up soon!
    As per usual the C2-6000 was sent to me for review by MiBoxer I will leave a none affiliate link here. I forgot to link my last review sorry! I will update that now lol.
    Random thought! With the C2-6000 we can say its only a 2 slots charger right? But it is equivalent to a 6 slot 1amp charger. Just a random thought there! Actually makes this charger a great option if you have a limited space seeing as its a fairly small charger!

    What is included in the box?

    • MiBoxer C2-6000 quick charger

    • AC adapter (100-240v input) (12v 3amp output)

    • Instruction manual

    The MiBoxer C2-6000 is built like the rest of the MiBoxer range with a solid build quality and a great design. The C2-6000 is built like a brick no squeak or creaks from this charger. Big plus for me seeing as some times people or pets get caught up in cords and the charger may fall. The LCD screen is very clear and is very well back lite the letters and numbers are very clear and precise. If any thing the Back lite may be a little to bright for some people is that even a thing?
    Al thought the MiBoxer C2-6000 is a fast charger it manages to stay cool by having vents on the back and by using an external AC-DC adapter.
    The C2-6000 is a mix between the C2-3000/4000 in a design sense its good that all 3 chargers are shaped different. The C2-6000 keeps all the grooves that are found on the C2-4000 this helps for easy operation and easy battery placement and removal. Like on other MiBoxer chargers there is a huge gap between both slots making these chargers perfect for the largest cells you have. There is a USB port on the top of the C2-6000 because it can be used as a power bank for charging external devices. Also the C2-6000 only has one button to control all function. You can only change one setting and that is the charge current no point of a million buttons. You can also change slot readouts.
    Resistance display bottom right side

    • Compatible with Li-on 4.2v, NiMH / Ni-Cd 1.48v batteries. (All standard sized cells)

    • Applicable to different types of cylindrical rechargeable Li-on and NiMH/ni-Cd batteries (10340-26650)

    • Power bank function built in using lithium batteries ( will work as a USB out with any lithium cell in the slot)

    • Maximum 3amp per channel fast charging (Extremely fast charge current per slot)

    • High precision voltage calibration reference

    • Automatically stops charging when battery voltage is full ( Prevents overcharging)

    • Reverse polarity and short circuit battery protection

    • Automatic adaption to power input (Can be used with a car charger or a different AC plug)

    • Intelligent battery temperature control function (monitors temps to make sure cells stay cools and can lower current if needed)

    • Automatically detects batteries internal resistance and capacity (milliamp hour read out)

    • Two fully independent slots, Supports charging of two different cell types at once

    • Supports small capacity charging (Has a manual output select mode)

    • Supports lithium ion battery repair function (Can reset tripped protection circuit)

    • Supports 12DC car charger

    • Made out of PC fire retardant material

    • Excellent heat dissipation and circuit design

    • 3 year warranty

    Battery charge amperage diplay bottom right
    The UI on the C2-6000 is super easy to use. You only have one button to control all function and there is only one function and that is current select. So you simply push the slot button to change slots and push and the slot button to change output currents. Between the different slots. Well I guess two options for button.
    What is displayed on the screen?
    Its basically the same setup as the C2-4000 here. You have almost all the same screen display option except for battery discharge but you gain a separate setup for the USB power bank.

    • Battery percentage readout for bay one

    • First channel/bay display

    • Battery type (Li-on 4.20v and NiMH/Ni-Cd)

    • Second channel/bay display

    • Battery percentage readout for bay two

    • Charging time

    • Battery capacity

    • Charging symbol

    • Internal resistance/Current/Voltage/Temperature

    Battery temp displayed bottom right
    The MiBoxer C2-6000 is a performance monster. I think it may be the fastest commercial lithium charger on the market? For standard type cells I am not talking about hobby or custom chargers.
    The C2-6000 brings unbelievable performance to the table with a whopping charge output of 3amp per slot.
    That is a 6amp total output between both slots. You could charge a fully drained 26650 in under 2 hours which is amazing!
    Also while being a total beats the C2-6000 can also charge the smallest cells you own with a charge current of 100ma makes the C2-6000 a great all round charger. Do you own any 10440? Perfect charger for small to large cells!
    Battery voltage displayed bottom right
    Output currents Li-on

    • 100ma

    • 200ma

    • 300ma

    • 500ma

    • 800ma

    • 1000ma

    • 1500ma

    • 2000ma

    • 2500ma

    • 3000ma

    Output current Ni-MH/Ni-Cd

    • 100ma

    • 200ma

    • 300ma

    • 400ma

    • 500ma

    • 600ma

    • 700ma

    • 900ma

    • 1000ma

    3amp/3000ma charge current in bay 1
    Seeing as the MiBoxer C2-6000 is a fast charger I wish MiBoxer would have included more current options for NiMH cells. A 3amp charging current for D sized NiMH cell would have been really nice!

    Time is money right? Yes but I can only recommend charging a few cells at the 3000ma current. I will list a few batteries here lets start with the 26650 it will be okay at 3amps. Plus the C2-6000 has an inbuilt temperature monitor helps tell if the cell like the current.
    High drain 18650s can sustain 3amp charge current but they will heat up and can become dangerous so they should be monitored. If you look at the data sheet for the Samsung 25r they state a max charge current or 4amps (4000ma). Sony VTC5 have a standard charge current of 2.5amps I can find not the max charge rate for the VTC5. So with high drain 18650 you are okay. As I already said never leave charging cells UN-monitored!
    You also have cells like 20700, 21700 which are a bit more common. Heaps of other cells between the 18650 and 26550 that will be okay with 3amp charge current. I do not own any of the cell in between. Soon enough the 20700 and 21700 will become more common in flashlights. Vapers already use them so its only a matter of time.

    Output current displayed on screen seems right at 910ma with a 1amp load even under load the USB out stay over 5v
    Battery compatibility
    The MiBoxer C2-6000 is not compatible with Lipo 3.6v cells and 4.35v Li-on. It will still charge 4.35v Li-on cells fine it will just end the charge at 4.20v so you will have less capacity.
    The charger can charge all cells from small to large from 10340 to 26650 and just about all cells in between thanks to the manual current select. It will charge the following cells fine. Remember the C2-6000 can charge your 4.35v cells it will just end charge early like many other standard chargers.
    Compatible battery types

    • Li-ion 4.2v (IMR/INR/ICR)

    • Ni-MH/Ni-Cd (AAAA/AAA/AA/A/SC/C/D)

    Even when using 18650s the USB handles output current and voltage well!
    Battery bank USB Output
    The C2-6000 can act as a USB output aka a battery bank when using lithium-ion cells. The C2-6000 can output 5v at 1amp so a fairly standard output but it may come in handy for some. The USB output does have a feature where it drain both cells equally. If the cell in slot one is at 3.5v but the cell in slot two is at 4.20 it will drain slot two down before using any more energy from slot one. You can also manually choose which battery you want drained by pushing the slot button.
    USB output features

    • 5v @ 1amp output

    • Drains both cells equally

    • Displays battery channel and USB output currents

    • Auto shutdown when cells are fully drained

    • Auto shutdown when no load is detected after 20 seconds

    I will list some further figures here
    Easy to fit your finger in between
    Internal resistance measurements

    • Liitokala 26650: 31 milliohm

    • Samsung 25r: 34 milliohms
      Similar results to the C2-4000 which makes the C2-6000 perform similar in the automatic charge select. Work well for larger cells but for smaller cells its more optimal if you chose the correct charge current yourself.

    Temperature measurement
    The temp measurements look good! The charger is measuring the external temp of the cell. You can get similar results using a K type probe from a multimeter I checked mine compared to my multimeter and the temps are correct.

    Overall the C2-6000 is one of the best 2 slot chargers on the markets it loses a few features when compared to the C2-4000. It also gains charging capabilities that are twice as much. Which makes this charger perfect for some one who regularly uses large cells in series or parallel. You could still test the capacity of your cell by fully draining in a device then charging them on the C2-6000 seeing as it has a charged Milliamp readout.

    Sorry about the pics i have taken better shots in the past i will try and replace some. Bad lighting where i am!

    Thanks for taking the time to read!

    Regards Chris

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    Default Re: MiBoxer C2-6000 3amp Smart Charger Review

    Thanks for the very thorough review. Cheers : )

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