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Thread: Recommend headlamp for reading?

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    Scotch tape over a lens makes for a temporary difusal that can easily be removed.

    Worried about left behind sticky? Stick it to your cotton clothing a couple of times to place a wee bit of lint over the sticky. An old painters trick for using any available tape to paint fine edges along wallpaper whereby sticky can remove the printed surface.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kosh View Post
    I wonder if a frosty lens in front could make that even more suitable for reading. I certainly need to hold one to test this.

    Basically a diffuser (either via tape, frosted lens, or semi transparent plastic) only serves to smooth out any hospots in the beam profile. Al of these choices essentialy reduce the output somewhat to do this. The H502/H60X bem pattern is basically a "mule". No hotspot, just pure evenly dispursed light. The only thing that one of the diffusing elements (save adding colored diffuser) in between the LED would do would be to reduce the output.

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