This review will be dedicated to a new compact flashlight (designed to be attached to a key-chain) from Nextorch, the GL20.

So, what's interesting about this light?

1. It's compact, compact enough to be attached to a key-chain.
2. It contains two light sources - 2 Nichia leds and a laser.
3. It's rechargeable, with low battery warning.

Sound nice, but let's see it in action.

Lets begin

The light comes in a very compact blister package.

The light comes with user manual, a very nice attachment clip and ... that's it.

The light looks and feels almost identical to a modern car keys. Please note that the shiny part is actually metal, not plastic.

Controlling the light is actually very easy.
A single click turns the light on minimum brightness mode. Another click switches the light to a maximum mode, another click enables the strobe mode (very slow mode, like the one that bicycle riders often use) and additional press turns the light off.
If you enable some mode, and the light was enabled in that mode for a period of time (several seconds are enough) then a button press will turn the flashlight off, that's pretty nice - meaning that you won't have the need to cycle through all modes in order to turn the flashlight on.
A bit stronger press on the button enables laser mode, which will stay on as long as you are pressing the button. As you can see from the pictures, you can also turn the led's and laser together.

Regarding the led's. When I hear "Nichia" instantly high cri lights come to my mind. Well, this light changed it. The led's used are definitely non high-cri type, and emit pretty cool light with a small blue tint.

Comparison with some other objects. The moment my wife and son saw the light, both told me that the light belongs to them, so that's actually a good sign.

The light is rechargeable, using a standard micro usb cable.

Well, the light performs well. It is definitely not a thrower, but with 2 5mm leds that is not surprising.

The laser actually has a nice reach, much more than I would expect from 0.9mW model. It can reach hundreds of meters, 14 stories home is not a problem at all for the light.

Conclusion, final words

I really liked the light. All it does it does well, I guess the success will be dedicated by the light's price.