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Thread: Fitorch P26R review (3600lm, XHP70.2, 26650)

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    Default Fitorch P26R review (3600lm, XHP70.2, 26650)


    This review will be dedicated to a new 26650 flashlight from Fitorch, the P26R.

    Well, please let me explain what is special about this light.

    1. Impressive 3600 lumens from only one battery, the light is pretty compact.
    2. The light features a powerbank function (it is also rechargeable).
    3. A precise battery meter, a location beacon.
    4. The price is lower than some other well known brands, but also has 2 years warranty.

    Link to the light page on the manufacturer website (link is external)

    Let’s start?

    The light comes in a pretty black carton box. The box is quite small, for a such flashlight.

    This is what I mean by “small”. It’s tiny, compared to Olight R50 Seeker LE box (similar battery, almost similar throw and size of the light).

    The light comes with a lanyard, 26650 battery, user manual, a USB cable (for charging and powerbank usage as well), micro usb tybe B male to USB female adapter with a keyring attachment (for powerbank purpose) and a holster.

    Some words about the holster.
    The quality is very decent. The velcro “male” part is very special, it’s almost smooth, and unlike any velcro I saw before. Nevertheless it works. What’s interesting, on the opposite side of the holster, where you have the belt attachment there is a minimal size traditional velcro.
    The light can be fitted with the head up or down to the holster.

    The light also comes with a protected 26650 battery with a claimed capacity of 4500 mah, a decent quality holster, micro usb cable and the adapter that should be used for powerbank purposes.

    The light has some not standard controls. First interesting part is that short click switches modes, and long click turns the light off, and the second one is the modes switching direction itself. The modes are being switched in the following order min->med->high->turbo->high->med->min-> . Some will like it, some will not but it takes time to get used to this operation sequence.
    In order to see the battery voltage you click the side switch three times when the light is off, and it blinks with green led to indicate voltage in volts (4 blinks mean 4 volts) and red led to indicate volts decimals (4 blinks mean 0.4 volts).
    4 clicks when the light is off enable the location beacon feature – basically the green led is slowly blinking in order to indicate the light position.

    Hey, here it is.
    The light itself feels great in hand, not too big and not too small. The deep cooling fins look impressive as well. The LED is well centered, the lens has some great AR coating that makes it almost invisible.

    Here is the powerbank setup. As you can see it works, and works extremely well. The powerbank can even output 1.6 A, that is much higher than the claimed 1A, without very significant voltage drop.
    You can also charge the light while it operates, prolonging it’s runtime. As you can see, during operation the light consumes up to 1.22A.

    The tailcap has dual springs (something I don’t see often in serial flashlights) and the company logo.

    Here is a short comparison with Olight R50 Seeker LE. As you can see the lights are almost similar in size, Olight looks more “civil” and the Fitorch is much more aggressive.
    Please notice that the LED looks different between the Olight and Fitorch. I guess that Fitorch uses the updated XHP70.2 led.

    This is how compact the light is in my medium-small hand.

    The light in action.
    I really like the light distribution, the throw from a single cell light is great. The last pictures compare it to the Olight (Olight on the left). As you can see there is some difference in tint, but not too drastic.

    Conclusion, final words

    I liked the light, it does what it claims to do, and does it well. The light is very different from Olight, and might be a great hit, especially if the price is right.

    Suggestions? Comments? I will be happy to assist.
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    Default Re: Fitorch P26R review (3600lm, XHP70, 26650)

    Thanks Igor for the hard work of above review.
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    Default Re: Fitorch P26R review (3600lm, XHP70, 26650)

    I bought one from Banggood middle of October for my brother as a Christmas present. Received it early November and have played with it a little. He might still get it. It pretty much works as advertised and I'm now wanting one for myself. I did replace the battery with a higher capacity Shockli 5500 mah IMR. For me it's a power bank first that also happens to be a really good flashlight and battery charger. I add battery charger as all 26650's and 18650's I'm charging it with come out right at 4.19 volts. So for the price you get a holster, really good flashlight, power bank, battery charger and battery.

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