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Thread: AW factory flood

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    Quote Originally Posted by rtdvapor
    AW Battery stock update - AW's factory experienced a flood a few months ago. They are still replacing machines and equipment. We do not have an estimated time for when they will resume producing batteries.

    Saw this at rtdvapor. Is this old news? Any further information?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chillinn View Post
    Saw this at rtdvapor. Is this old news? Any further information?
    I am having no small amount of anxiety concerning this news.

    Intending to get more periodically, last year I only purchased 6x AW IMR16340 550mAh, and 4 more for a dual-cell setup. I have been unlucky with 10440 overdischarge, but have been very lucky with these cells that have performed well and have not seen abuse. But I use them a lot, sometimes 3 a day in the single cell light (I try to let each cell rest at least 25 hours after charging). I expect them to last a while, but I am worried about the practical implications of a flood at what must be a complicated high tech facility.

    Even after the damaged shop and equipment has been replaced or repaired, how long before newly produced cells reach the high quality standard we've come to know? How long before new tests are published? How long before retail stocks are replentished? I'm only imagining how things work and what might have happened, and have only seen sparce footage of the inside of battery-maker facilities, but any amount of unwanted water would be a serious problem, and I can only imagine that the cost of even minor damage would be ridiculous.

    So I hope and pray the AW operators have a safe and restful CNY and return to find the facility fully repaired, refurbished and at capacity.

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    Default Re: AW factory flood

    If this happened six years back, it would be a significant blow to li-ion users and lipstick light guys like myself, but there are lots of choices now, so while the flooding is a bummer for Andrew and AW, we should all be able to make due.

    Try some of these:

    I love my AW IMR 16340s, but I think the party train is leaving them behind.

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    Default Re: AW factory flood

    Yeah, if your business gets shut down for months, it's not a good sign. Distributors will find other suppliers, the supply chain will change. He might be back, but it won't be as simple as starting up where he left off. Besides, he may have got another job somewhere else, and given up.

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