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I just returned one for a refund that I received last Friday. I liked the light overall but the feature of programming the Startup mode was ridiculous and I could not make it work. It says to program the lowest startup output, switch to the desired output level and switch off and on the flashlight for three times within one second! This in the Technical Specifications of the light. Well it is almost impossible to switch the light off and on three times within one second! After 25 tries it finally went to the 3d level which I wanted. But when I tried to switch it back to the lowest, I tried 40 times and it finally went to the highest level and I cannot get it out of that! I liked everything about this light but that procedure is absurd! This could be a great light size wise, output wise and UI except for this hard to use feature. If this was changed to a usable feature I would buy this light again, because the rest is great and it comes in warm or cold.

Follow up with this light. I sent it back to Tod, then after he posted the correct way to set the Startup Level in the instructions I ask him to check mine out and make sure it was working correctly and send it back and I would try it again. He did that and I now want to report that I am very happy with this light. I originally picked it because of the size and output for a EDC Light and I could get it in neutral white. I carry lights this size in a small belt holster by Skyben clipped on a belt hook and you don't even realize you are carrying it and it is very convenient to access. I work a lot of night shifts inside and out where I get a chance to use my lights a lot. Last night I was carrying my new Zebralight SC600w lV Plus and I came upon a strange pickup truck and driver parked when he got out of the truck I hit him with the light from about 25 feet and he was blinded by the light and made the comment what a bright light! The plus has 2300 lumen on max and I just realized this Eagtac has the same on Max! I just got it back to day and I can't wait to try it out tonight. Again overall I like everything about this light. Size, UI, USB charging, the beam and tint is great, love the tint, I am into only neutral white lights now, and the beam has no artifacts at all. I think I am really going to like this light as a rotation with my Zebralights which I now have 7 of for EDC. Tod was very good about working with me with this light and I didn't want to make Illuminationgear look bad in any way. This was my first purchase from them but I will buy from them again due to the great service they gave me.