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Thread: Pacific Tactical Solutions?

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    Default Pacific Tactical Solutions?

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum but I don't know where to post this. Is still in business? I just got an order confirmation from them. It also listed
    In the order confirmation. It didn't ask me to click a link or do anything but said my order will arrive in 3 days. I haven't ordered from them since 2010 and thougbt they were out of business anyway? Can anyone shed any light on this? The phone number I have for them is disconnected. I'd say it was spam or phishing but they usually have a link they try to suck you into clicking. This had nothing like that. Just matter or fact confirmation of an order that will arrive not even mentioning what was ordered. Weird.

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    A little help anyone?

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    At searching whois for both sites shows the urls were registered with godaddy. At shows that both sites owned by the same person. But I don't know why they would have sent you an email about an old order.

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    It's weird. Mike@pts used to run them and they were very popular around 2010. The websites are closed now and Mike is long gone as far as I know. The order numbers are different than anything I ordered back in the day.

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