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Thread: Oslon black upgrade?

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    Default Oslon black upgrade?

    There has been big hype lately regarding oslon black emitter which seems to double throw of any light. I wonder if deft lights could be upgraded with this led so their throw also doubles. Would be terrific to have 2M candela deft, right?

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    Default Re: Oslon black upgrade?

    Wow sounding interesting man!.
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    Default Re: Oslon black upgrade?

    I just got my first light with this LED in it.

    First I will say that it does NOT double throw in every light. It probably doubles CD's in most lights.

    My D1Svn

    Comparison- U21vn-D1Svn-TX25C2vn

    Not the best picture by any means!!! The water tower is 902 yards/825m away. This is 2X zoomed in.

    Thanks for letting me go a bit over board!!

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    Default Re: Oslon black upgrade?

    I don't know why, but none of your pictures came thru.

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    Default Re: Oslon black upgrade?

    Quote Originally Posted by cody12 View Post
    I don't know why, but none of your pictures came thru.
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    Default Re: Oslon black upgrade?

    Is there a way to replace the led in my deft-x without killing the collar?
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