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Thread: Micro-USB charged lithium light with car cradle?

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    Default Micro-USB charged lithium light with car cradle?

    Hi all, I've just been issued with a Pelican 7600 (I'm an emergency responder). It's the first USB-chargeable light I've used and I'm liking it. I find it really handy to keep it in the car on 'constant' (well, ignition-switched) charge. This way I always have a good light with me ready to go, and if I'm suddenly in a big job I know I can charge it in my accommodation (or whatever other vehicle I find myself in) using my regular phone chargers.

    I'm thinking of getting a second one so that I can keep one in my EDC and rotate them periodically. Before I do that though I'm just wondering if there's something else out there that adds the convenience of a car cradle and does away with the fiddlyness of the USB connection as the primary charge method? I'm picturing something with a couple of nice easy contacts that locate quickly in the car cradle, but that also retains the micro-USB port for use with phone chargers?

    Bonus points for retaining the battery level indicator and simple or reprogrammable modes (no strobe, ideally L>M>H?)

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Micro-USB charged lithium light with car cradle?

    In my eyes car cradle charging and micro usb are not compatible, because a cradle is to grab a light quickly without having to worry about something you need to close for water proofness.
    In my work car I have a cradle with a Klarus RS11, and for this light you also have a special cable so you only need one usb output for the light and an micro usb output. and then you can use the supplied cable for on the go charging on usb.
    I have the RS11 for 2 years now and still like it.
    Although the RS11 is discontinued it is still available online.

    RS11 info –http://www.klaruslight.com/index.php...atid=130&id=29
    RC11 info – http://www.klaruslight.com/index.php...atid=156&id=75
    K1-D2 info – http://www.klaruslight.com/index.php...atid=156&id=94

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    Default Micro-USB Charged Lithium Light With Car Cradle?

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    Default Re: Micro-USB Charged Lithium Light With Car Cradle?

    Thanks for the replies, got a bit distracted over the holidays

    The Klarus looks like a fair solution, but I really don't want to have to buy/carry a special cable for charging. The Pelican's onboard micro-USB is a big part of what makes it so useful as charging solutions can be found so easily on the fly.

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    Default Re: Micro-USB Charged Lithium Light With Car Cradle?

    Although it has strobe and FIVE output levels...the Olight R50 LE edition comes with EVERY type of car adapter to mount the R50's charging cradle near anywhere in your vehicle you want. Micro USB? Check. Voltage status indicator? Check. Utterly NUTS 3500 lumen max output? Check. Perfectly usable MUCH lower output at the first three modes? Check.

    Expensive? Check. Designed to turn on in case of a power outage while mounted in charging cradle? Check. Expensive? CHECK CHECK. Worth it? In my situation ABSOLUTELY

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