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Thread: Eneloops in EDC and D cell maglite

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    I'm on my second recharge (cycle) in the 2D maglite with the amazon basics in it. I used it for about an hour tonight and checked the resting voltage of the batteries (in parallel inside the adapters) when I got home. They are at just over 1.35V, it's been about 2 or 3 days since I charged them, so they appear to be self discharging slowly and the light isn't draining them quickly.
    I found a video on YouTube of a guy modding an LED maglite and he measured the current draw with alkaline batteries and a lithium ion battery, the light was pulling about 1 amp from the fresh alkaline batteries and about 660 ma from them lithium battery.
    I would assume that the light would pull more amperage from a lower voltage nimh battery based on that observation. He also measured the lumen output and saw no difference between the li-ion and alkaline batteries, so the driver regulates the output as long as the batteries can sustain the current draw.

    If you look at an alkaline battery's spec sheet, like this one:
    You'll see that at 1 amp, an alkaline battery would be unlikely to be able to supply much over 6-7,000 mah, plus as the voltage drops, I would assume that an alkaline would be able to supply less and less current, hence the diminishing brightness as the alkaline depletes.

    I don't know what generation of maglite the guy had, some of the newer ones have more powerful LEDs than my maglites, so it is possible that my maglites draw less current than the light he was testing. I tried to test the current draw, but couldn't get my light to light up with my probes, I guess they couldn't carry the load, or I didn't have good contact to the flashlight body, I may cut some wires to use instead of my probes and try again when I have time.

    All in all, I'm pleased with the adapters and the AA batteries performance in my 2D maglites so far. I think these 2,000 mah batteries will get close to the runtime of standard alkaline batteries, and high capacity (2,400-2,500mah) nimh cells may actually outperform the alkaline cells, at the expense of less charge cycles, of course.

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    Default Eneloops in EDC and D cell maglite

    My blue maglite, the one I've been using the amazon basics in, is pulling 1.52-1.53 amps continually from 6 AA batteries in the 3AA to D adapters.
    My black maglite is pulling up to 1.4 amps to start the LED then it quickly falls to around 0.8 amps, I saw as low as 0.76 amps once. The batteries used (amazon basics 2,000 mah, charged last night) had a resting voltage of 2.85 volts (tested by placing adapters together in series) when I started testing. The same batteries were used in both lights. I also tried two additional sets (6AA each) of batteries, both with resting voltages of around 2.6 volts, the results were similar.
    I put an 18650 in the blue maglite with a resting voltage of 4.09 volts, the light was drawing 0.90-0.95 amps from the 18650. The 18650 I used was a poor quality cell with very little capacity, after a few seconds the current jumped to about1.5 amps and then the light shut off, I assume the cells protection circuit stopped the battery from over discharging. I pulled the battery out and it had a voltage of ~3.8 volts, but was recovering some slowly.
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