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Thread: Thermal Imaging for Cars

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    Just wondering whether any body here has had experience with any vehicles equipment with thermal imaging and object detection systems. Wondering if it is worth installing an aftermarket system to help increase my awareness of my surroundings while driving. My Honda has great headlights but I would like something to help point out possible dangers sooner for cases when I might have missed them.

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    This is the camera system I was thinking about installing

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    I have an OE IR night vision system on a '12 E-class. It works well when it is very dark or there are very few other light sources on the road. Light sources wash out the picture.

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    There are (were?) Cadillacs that came with something called xvision nightdriver. I believe that is the first gen. of what you are looking at. If you drive a lot at night, or there are lots of deer or pedestrians or something on the roads there, avoiding one accident would more than pay for the system. You will need to find a way to project the information so you don't need to look too far away from the windshield while you drive.

    If you do go ahead with this, consider posting a thread. I'd love to hear about it.

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