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Thread: Updated New Tactical Light - help wanted

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    Default Updated New Tactical Light - help wanted

    Greetings all and happy 2018. Am looking to update an older Olight M22. Am looking for what I would deem a tactical light with easy access to strobe & high. I like to carry my olight via pocket clip, not holster. I'm OK with a little bit larger light like a TM03 or that new Jetbeam TH20. Klarus XT11GT & 12GT are also on radar as is an M23, however I would like to get something brighter. + on Klarus is UI looks good - on the klarus is PWM, and have heard some issues out there + on the larger TM03 & TH20 is brightness & UI - is that they don't have pocket clips (any info on if anyone has fitted theirs with one is great and on which one fits) + on Olight is I'm used to the UI which I like - is it's not as bright as the competition I've also had expereince with Eagletac G25 mkii,great light but not sure about the UI..It's larger but I don;t think the newer brighter versions are avail. Any other main-stream lights I should look at and any real-world opinions are greatly appreciated. I don;t need a vinh customized for greater output (I'm of fan of Vinh lights, but don't need to push the tech envelope beyond what manufacturers have done) Thank you all in advance - RC

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    Default Re: Updated New Tactical Light - help wanted

    I just got a Pflexpro Convoy S2+ triple Nichia advance program light and I love it. Its a modded light but its fully potted, lifetime warranty and parts like the body and switch can easily be replaced. The pill with the LED and driver should be virtually indestructible. I got mine with reverse clicky and pocket clip and got an 1835 tube from somewhere else. You can set it up to come on in high 1st with no memory and double click to access strobe. You can also setup two mode groups, one for EDC with mutliple brightness levels and one tactical with just hi and strobe if you want. If you don't need it super bright just set it up however you want.

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