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Thread: Tana Tripleds, SOLD

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    Default Tana Tripleds, SOLD

    For sale are 2 Tana Tripleds. I am having trouble posting images & have given up.
    Please pm me for pics via txt or email. I am posting these on fb too right after I
    finish here & you can see them there if you wish. Both were built with mint parts
    that took months to gather.

    1) Vintage Black Surefire backup. SOLD Elsewhere!
    One of a kind custom build LUX RC 371D/Amber secondary
    Tana SS Bezel ring+Tail shroud.
    Mcclicky switch
    Square "X" ring to fill tiny gap caused by mcclicky.
    2 way SF clip.

    2)E1M:SOLD Elsewhere.
    L1 head in HA, Mint.
    XPL HI, 4000K U6
    Green Tana glow
    Vintage Backup 2way clip (a must with RPM tail-current one is too long)
    HA RPM tail
    Mint E1e body came from NIB E1e.

    Price is 395.00 EACH plus add 15.00 for fully insured USPS priority shipping with signature required.
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    Default Re: Tana Tripleds

    PM sent

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    Default Re: Tana Tripleds

    Backup SPF

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    Default Re: Tana Tripleds

    PM replied.

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