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Thread: Convoy S6 Triple Potting

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    Since I'm the flashlight guy at work someone asked me if I could build them a durable bright light. I showed him what the beam pattern of a triple looks like with my BOSS and he was sold. So I picked him out a Convoy S6, H17f driver, Nichia 5000k 219c triple board, and a copper spacer from MTN Electronics.

    He really stressed durable so I figured I should pot the light. I've tried potting drivers a few time in the past but have never been happy with the results. I think I finnaly got it this time.

    I first drilled a hole though the pill from the inside so I can pot the driver one it's secure. I then used thermal epoxy to secure the driver to the pill then soldered the driver in place. After the driver was done I poured potting compound over it all and let it sit overnight.

    This is where I'm at right now...

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    Just filled inside of the pill with potting compound. This thing should be able to take a beating

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    Looks pretty good! Potting really is a pain in the ass to do well. You might have some fun removing the spill on the threads with a scribe, but otherwise it looks really solid.

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    Thanks! Just for the heck of it I added a battery bumper to the head end and found a better oring for the lens. The factory gid oring is very thin and a little too small for the application.

    This will be my co-workers first "real" flashlight.

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    Looks great! I thought about doing an s* build one my last order from mountain but held off.

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    Fantastic! H17f is still one of my fav drivers for its flexibility . Although 219b, I was comparing the 9080 4500k and 219b 5000k of tana’s last night. The 5000k is cleaner on the lighter colours, whites/greys, yet colours look just as good. The slightly warmer 4500k kind of warmed the lighter colours a little. For general use, I prefer 5000k.

    Nice work

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    I consider potting a couple of lights...has anyone done this with a much thicker compound? May leave some air pockets but that solution seems so much easier to apply....

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    Looks cool, nice work!

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    That is a nice build. It is easy to under estimate durability and what it takes to get there.
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