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Thread: Roof mounted, single-rack LED-bar spot at around 500 USD

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    Default Roof mounted, single-rack LED-bar spot at around 500 USD

    ...I have either posted this thread some 15 times now, in which case I apologize, or it never gets registered at all thanks to consistent 503 errors or the page just ends up blank where refreshing does nothing. :|
    So, trying again:

    I should have asked here weeks ago, and now I am almost out of time...

    So, to the point: I am looking for a single-rack (got a height restriction on this), roofmounted "hyperspot" LED-bar for my car.
    Road legality is not an issue in this, as they will be registered as worklights, following every legislation required to get them as such.

    From what I have found around my criteria, it currently stands between these:

    Rigid SR2-10 Hyperspot
    Lazer Triple-R 750 Elite2 (or Competition)

    So my question is if anyone got any experiences with either of these two specific models?

    I've seen videos of the Rigid SR-10 spot, but not the SR2-10. No idea if there any difference to speak of between these.

    Lazer Triple-R 750 Elite

    But I am open to suggestions around the 500 USD mark. However, it must a single-rack.
    I am looking for a spotlight, with 1-3 Lux at minimum ~400 meters.

    And I will buy locally, so ordering from places like Amazon is out. But do please post some names, and I'll look them over.

    Thank you.
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    Default Re: Roof mounted, single-rack LED-bar spot at around 500 USD

    This went quieter than expected, despite the thread's been out only a day. ^^

    Okay, but unless someone got better suggestions, the Lazer Triple-R 750 Elite2 will be the choice.

    1-3 Lux between 500 and 300 meters, and size and fitting is just inside the other criteria.

    I admit, I have gone very narrow in terms of brands...but unfortunately such is the availability here.
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