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Thread: Olight i3T ?

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    Default Olight i3T ?

    Is there a release date for this aaa light?

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    I have not yet been told one! I'm ready for it though.

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    Shame, the guy in the video said early this year it was one of your most requested lights edc, maybe its been cancelled because he said it was gonna be out soon and its been 6months so who knows... olight really needs a nice tactical triple a light not sure whats the hold up.
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    Relased today... i got email this morning

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    It's finally here! head over and check it out!

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    Thanks for the notification!

    There are only two outputs (180 and 5 Lumens). No moonlight or firefly mode.

    Throw is about 10 meters at 5 Lumen setting.

    Apparently no mode memory.

    Beam angle is about 29°. Which is a very slight flood.

    This light is not for me though (not floody enough and no firefly mode).

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    Sounds like exactly what I need, just picked one up.

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    Got mine yesterday. Love this light the design is really nice looking with the twisted knurling and easy of use, the low mode is plenty enough without blinding yourself and highest mode is really great when u need more power. For this price cant say anything bad about it. Would really liked a moonlight mode but o well..

    It floods almost more or less the same compared to my s1 mini and s1 baton so u can expect that kind of hotspot and flood if anyone wonders.

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    Glad to hear you're enjoying the little light. I think you've mentioned a common bit of feedback we are receiving; moonlight mode. Perhaps the next iteration of this guy will offer a solution. We will see!
    Thanks for the support!

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