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Thread: Aiming VOL LED headlamps (sealed-beam form factor)

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    Default Aiming VOL LED headlamps (sealed-beam form factor)

    Hi,Picked up the 8910 Speakers a few days back, they are marked VOR.I'm a bit hazy about aiming them.

    Speakers PDF says aim the "alignment point" at the true center of the headlamps (no mention of the 3" below center that Stern & others have specified) - here -


    Next - where exactly is this alignment point ?

    The low beam is flat L to R, with a small uptick in the middle, is this alignment point where the uptick starts slanting up from the flat ?

    Low beam pattern at minute 5:48 seems to show it well - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSjf...ature=youtu.be

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    Default Re: Aiming VOL LED headlamps (sealed-beam form factor)

    It is just me or the video is a little bit out of focus when they show the beam pattern against the wall?

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    Default Re: Aiming VOL LED headlamps (sealed-beam form factor)

    JW Speaker really needs to rewrite their aiming instructions, which are confusing because they bring in terms that don't actually mean anything ("alignment point", etc).

    The JW Speaker lamps can be aimed either VOR or VOL. If you're aiming VOR, you reference off the short horizontal cutoff line at the top of the stairstep (you are calling the "uptick"). If you're aiming VOL, you reference off the much longer horizontal cutoff at the bottom of the stairstep and all the way to the left from there. The actual setting should be according to the tables on Stern's aim page. Whether VOL or VOR, do it (or have it done) with an optical aiming machine, not by shining the lights at a wall.

    (The videos and claims from that particular source are best eaten with a good amount of salt.)

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    Default Re: Aiming VOL LED headlamps (sealed-beam form factor)


    Hence your earlier advice as to "better seeing with VOL" - your simple explanation made more sense than the JWS instructions, which seem to indicate VOL without the vehicle height 3" drop - glad I didn't follow their PDF & potentially blind someone.

    Side note - the heated elements work great, and the headlamps seem to be more powerful than the 8900 series.

    JWS also claims these are Canadian DRL compatible...after I asked them how a 10-32v range could compensate for my 6v to the high beams DRL module; is this due to the "intelligent circuitry + low voltage capable LEDs" as in a couple of their 7" round lamps?


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