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Thread: Surefire Beast HID/LED Flashlight/Spotlight

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    Default Surefire Beast HID/LED Flashlight/Spotlight

    Guys, new to the forum here. A few years back I picked up this guy from a buddy of mine who is a large Surefire dealer back east. Trying to get a feel for fair market value and where would be best to list something like this for sale. I searched completed auctions on eBay without any luck. Any feedback or help would be much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Surefire Beast HID/LED Flashlight/Spotlight

    Hello and welcome to CPF, but this is considered a "price-fishing" thread, and not allowed.

    You will need to search for prior sales and "comparables" , here and/or elsewhere, for sold prices instead.

    Thanks for your understanding.
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