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Thread: Searching for a rechargeable incan

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    Default Searching for a rechargeable incan

    I have been on a LED light kick for years now and I seem to be coming back to the roots.

    I am searching for a rechargeable incan or lights that still have conversion kits (I know surefire had one for the 6P but it seems very expensive, if you can track one down)

    Do you guys have any recommendations?

    Looking for something somewhat pocket friendly - does not need to be super bright.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Searching for a rechargeable incan

    Lumens Factory has a ton of options, both C-series and E-series ....
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    Default Re: Searching for a rechargeable incan

    Streamlight Strion can still be found, but that too may be out of your price range. Very similar to size and stature of a 6P yet uses a far less expensive bi-pin replacement bulb.

    Welcome to cpf btw.
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    Default Re: Searching for a rechargeable incan

    anything 1*18650 + w. incan bulb.
    to use Your batteries and charging equipment
    6P w. Lumens Factory insert,
    or an E-series body + Lumens Fact. complete head,
    Scorpion 18650
    the "real" conversions like the 6P/6R are quite costy, not good in runtime, way bigger in Ni-Cad Setup, no longer available, ...
    (btw. if such is Your favorite --> go 9N instead)
    ((thinking 9N over, no more recommendation. Getting bulbs and stuff might already be difficult + expensive))

    or whatever battery + e-series head, with incan bulb:
    Fivemega's 26650 + e-series body comes in mind

    + Tad Custon e-series bi pin Setup
    (has his own thread here in incan, about the middle of first page)
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    Default Re: Searching for a rechargeable incan

    Here's a very simple one.

    Solarforce L2P + Lumens Factory HO-4 + 18650 cell
    LED's impress but Incans satisfy

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