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Thread: Acebeam X80 UI?

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    Default Acebeam X80 UI?

    Are there two different versions of the UI?

    According to the reviews that I have read the light cycles, low, med, high, red, green, blue, UV and back to low. The Acebeam web site also shows it to function this way.

    The X80 that I have cycles low, med, high and back to low. The way you get the colors is to hold the button, first you get moonlight continue to hold you get red then you release and it will cycle red, green, blue, UV and back to red. To get the white cycle back you turn off the light, hold for moonlight then release right away and then it will cycle through low, med, high.

    Thanks in advance for any info.


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    Default Re: Acebeam X80 UI?

    Yes, they improved the UI.

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