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Thread: 3 or more knife makers - opinions

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    Default 3 or more knife makers - opinions

    Wanted some opinions or comments on these custom knife makers - are they very common or actually hard to get a hold of? I care about resale value as well for these custom knives. I'm looking for a Damasteel blade and carbon fiber handles, maybe Zircuti bolsters if possible.

    - Sean O'Hare
    - Zscherny (and Faisal Yamin)
    - Fernando Medina
    - David Mosier

    thanks guys!

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    Default Re: 3 or more knife makers - opinions

    Although general comments are fine, please be aware that specific "appraisal" (or similar) discussions are not allowed in the open forum. Thanks !
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    Default Re: 3 or more knife makers - opinions

    I have to tell you custom knives are a huge let down to me. The ones I have and like are Hinderer, Crawford and Randall.
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