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Thread: Higher than 100 watt equivalent LED

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    Default Higher than 100 watt equivalent LED

    Any recommendations for good quality higher than 100 watt equivalent regular socket bulbs. My wife likes bright reading lamps and as I get older so do I . We are using cree 100 eat equivalents along with Phillips. Prefer 5000 K and doesn't need too be dimmed. Also doesn't need to die after 6 months nor cost $20 a piece.

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    Default Re: Higher than 100 watt equivalent LED

    If you can find them, the ge brightstik 100 watt daylight should last you a long while. I have 7 of them around my home (warm white) and they've been going strong for 2 yrs now.
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    Default Re: Higher than 100 watt equivalent LED

    Since when is 100 > 100?

    If you don't want to spend big bucks, and your fixture accommodates it, the best bet is to use a twin lamp 'Y' adapter, allowing two 100W lamps to be screwed in...
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    Default Re: Higher than 100 watt equivalent LED

    The Y adapter is a good choice if you have the space. Also, depending on the style of reading light your wife is using, you may be able to use a can light or flood light style bulb to direct all those lumens towards her book....rather than diffused around the room.

    There are 3 way bulbs rated higher than 100 watt equivalent. We have a couple of them. In a standard lamp, it should come on at the brightest level only. Iím not aware of any issues doing that...maybe someone else can confirm the safety of my idea.
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