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Thread: SOLD: Peak Eiger

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    Classic Peak Eiger stainless steel medium optic. This light has a long history with me, much of which was spent under a fridge at my dad's place. It was lost for 7 years or so and it lay there happily with the dust bunnies. I had this custom commissioned by Peak with LEDs I had sourced and sent to them (XPG neutral) Man oh man, that was a painful process. It took a long time and a lot of emails.
    It is an old school "level 4" - the perfect level and uses a medium optic, which is perfect for general use. It can use 10440 cells to get more light or Eneloops for less light. Both run for a good long time. I found a clip that fits around it nicely. I lost it a few days after getting it. I don't like the current QTC lights that Peak builds but this one always makes me smile - really simple to operate - single level. I will include an unprotected 10440 cell (EFEST cell seen in picture). Basically, if you want a great general use light, use an Eneloop. If you need something brighter that won't melt itself, use a LiIon 10440 cell. The level 4 is perfectly balanced.

    Offered for $95 $90 USD shipped to the USA with tracking. SOLD


    Shipping anywhere in the US mainland is with tracking and no insurance.
    Feel free to combine items. No extra charge.
    Shipping is via CanadaPost. Items ship from Canada.
    Shipping to Canada will be actual cost difference between US and Canada. It depends on where you are. PM for details.
    International shipping available but not included; please PM.
    Will only ship to verified PP addresses. Please select a verified address when paying in PP.
    Insurance offered at cost (depends on how much you want).
    Expect packages to the US to take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks.
    Since international shipping rates can be high, I will understand if you are international and have to back out after getting a quotation.
    I have shipped plenty of packages internationally. Just PM if you are interested.

    Payment via PayPal (PP).
    PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE IN USD. If you send CAD, I will send it back. Don't let PP change currencies on you.

    I reserve the right to refuse to sell to certain members.
    Can't be held responsible for misplaced packages once shipped.
    First person with an unconditional "I'll take it" gets the item.
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    Hey eala. Is the output around 20 or so with this light on an eneloop?

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    I would estimate the output at about 30-35 lumens using the datasheet here on an Eneloop:

    And based on the fact that it is about the same output as my Muyshondt Mako at 60 mA.

    Quite a bit more with a LiIon.


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    Pm sent.

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    Default Re: FS: Peak Eiger

    Any marks on it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tribull View Post
    Any marks on it?
    There are some small machining marks and micro scratches but nothing significant. Stainless steel is very hard to mark. It has spent most of its life under a fridge.


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    Default Re: FS: Peak Eiger

    Lowered price.

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    Default Re: FS: Peak Eiger

    I will take it. Pp sent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nmiller View Post
    I will take it. Pp sent.
    Payment received. Packing up!


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    Light shipped!

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