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Thread: Nitecore MH13GT/ P13GT upcoming?

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    Default Nitecore MH13GT/ P13GT upcoming?

    Hi Nitecore,
    I love your lights and build quality, the MH12GT and P12GT are great tactical lights.
    However i would love to see a MH13GT and P13GT with the same specs 320 meters of throw BUT with 1800 lumens output!

    Nitecore you have now the Concept 1 and EC23 models with 1800 lumens of output, but these models are not tactical because they are not strobe ready and they have no tailcap switch, also the throw is not 320 meters.

    So when will you release this ?

    Thank you!!!

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    Default Re: Nitecore MH13GT/ P13GT upcoming?

    Nice i see that the P26GTS is coming This light got my attention, i see a bigger reflector so i hope nice throw with this light and strobe ready!!!

    IWA 2018 - Nitecore MH26GTS

    With 1800 lumens, i hope this light will have far throw and wide beam spread and also strobe ready!

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