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Thread: EXTREMELY Slow Page Load Times

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    Default EXTREMELY Slow Page Load Times

    Hello there,

    I have been experiencing extremely slow page load times here at CPF. I dont remember it taking so long several years ago when i used to come here a lot.
    Load times vary, but generally i am lucky if i get a page to load within 30 seconds. I thought it would go away due to site traffic, but it persists today also.
    Just replying to one post could take up to five minutes even if i just say "Thanks".
    Sometimes it gives a Server error also, that it might be too busy to process the request.
    Dont have this problem on other sties where it takes a second to load, max maybe 3 seconds on some days/times of day.

    Any ideas why it might be taking so long now? I joined back in 2001 and back then it was never slow, maybe once in a while that's it.

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    Default Re: EXTREMELY Slow Page Load Times

    Check the administration announcements section of this forum. This took very little time for me to accomplish, but not always...

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    Default Re: EXTREMELY Slow Page Load Times

    This is my best guess

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