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Thread: need some info on a campsite light

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    Default need some info on a campsite light

    well I'm back again. thanks for the maglight info. Looking to get a headlamp for working around the campsite and some hiking. I've been checking out some petzl lights and some pelican models. I like that the pelican model 2785 has a dual beam. You can turn on the angled beam
    for close up work or hit the straight beam for looking around. just wondering if the pelican model might be too heavy, does anyone know if
    it can take lithium batteries. Thanks again.

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    Default Re: need some info on a campsite light

    Not sure what your price range is, but I’d strongly consider the 3700k to 4000k offerings from zebra light and army tec. Once you’ve been staring at campfire or gas lattern -it’s very difficult to look at anything above 4000k. Last summer, I had the family camping trip for 2 weeks up in the northwoods of Wisconsin. Of the 4 flashlights I bought with, the Z.L. H600FC was the main “go to” for the majority of the trip. Great output, light weight, versatil beam pattern, and nice tint!

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    thanks for the info. How do the zebra lights compare to petzl lights,i'm always hearing about petzl lights but not much about zebra lights. Do the zebra lights take
    lithium batteries or maybe some 14500 thanks again.

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    Default Re: need some info on a campsite light

    zebralights will take 14500s, or 18650s depending upon the style/model. they are highly regarded by many.
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