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Thread: Recommend me two lights. One keychain, one edc.

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    Default Recommend me two lights. One keychain, one edc.

    I'm actually looking for two lights. The first is a tiny keychain light, which shouldn't be horribly expensive. The MecArmy SGN3 looks good, mostly because of the red led, that's a big plus there. It's not that cheap though. The Manker LAD also looks nice (again a red led), but there seem to be issues with the rubber button/cover. Any other models that I should consider?

    The other light I want is the more challenging one. I'll start off with the info that's listed in the template from the sticky, so I'll be as complete as possible:

    I'll buy online (living in The Netherlands), price up to $150 but less is better. AI'm looking for a smallish EDC, somewhere upto 7 inches. I still have a Fenix L2D somewhere, which had a nice size at 6 inches. I'm fine with the head being a tad thicker/bulkier, but it should stay in edc territory. I'd prefer it running on 18650, in-lamp charger is very nice, but not strictly necessary, I'll be fine with an using an external charger.

    As for how much light I need, that's twofold: I really need a low lowest setting, so I can use it without waking up myself just by turning it on. If I'm just about able to read a map with that in a completely dark environment, that'd be plenty. On the other end: I live in a somewhat rural area, and at times I need to find my cat when she has decided to be somewhere else, panic a bit, make lots of noise every now and then, and still expect me to come and collect her. While my cat probably considers that a SAR mission, I don't need massive throw for that. She won't wander off half a mile I also like an occasional hike/walk in the dark, so it should be able to cover some distance. I'm guessing that I'm looking for wide to narrow flood. As for tint, no cool white. I never had a high CRI light, so I don't know if I'll prefer that over neutral/warmish white though.

    Last bits of info: a separately available red filter would be nice, I like the option to save night vision. I do like it to remember the last power setting, and not flashing from bright to low when turned on like my old L2D did. Anything not too far from the average is fine when it comes to the switch, not a big fan of twisty though. I don't need a strobe, but they're everywhere now. Water resistance... IPX4 is a must, 7 is nice, 8 is overkill.

    I've looked at the Zebralight SC600 Mk IV Plus series, but I'm not sure about which model would suit me best. The w and the Fc seem to be the most interesting. Any (other) suggestions?

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    Default Re: Recommend me two lights. One keychain, one edc.

    Hello and welcome to CPF

    Your post above has been approved

    I have the SGN3 myself, and overall rather like it, although it is on the largish side for a keyring torch.

    ZL has many (many) fans here on CPF, but I have no experience with those.

    At a lower price point (and perhaps corresponding less robust) the new Emisar series (D1, D1S, D4) have also become extremely popular.

    I'm sure you will get lots more useful advice here, cheers !
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    Default Recommend me two lights. One keychain, one edc.

    Iíll save you some time. If you want the best...Muyshondt maus for keychain. Hds Systems Rotary 219b HCRI for edc. You wonít regret it. Buy once. Cry once.
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    Default Re: Recommend me two lights. One keychain, one edc.

    The Manker Lad is nice. I have it and gave it to my daughter because I won't carry it. It is too large for me, being as large as my car's remote.
    For a keychain light I use a CooYoo Quantum (I don't think it is made anymore, but there are a number of copycats) Jetbeam and Fenix both (there are others, I am sure) have a mini that is a version of the cooyoo.

    The Manker Quinlan is a nice EDC with throw, and a sublumen, it also has the ability to recharge it's 18650 cell.
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    Default Re: Recommend me two lights. One keychain, one edc.

    Consider the Folomov C4 EDC from Andrew & Amanda. If i were not completely obssessed with big lights myself, i would go that route as one of a handful of logical selections.

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