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Thread: WTS: Surefire, Oveready

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    Default WTS: Surefire, Oveready

    I have two items for sale. PayPal only US only unless arrangements are made first. USPS Priority shipping is $10 including insurance. First I'll take it has priority. Posted multiple places Priority by timestamp.

    2. A special lego. We will work out way up from tail to tip.
    A standard Surefire E series clickie in black, with wear on it but good working order.
    A Surefire E2E body clean with no markings bored for 18650's with a Surefire 2-way clip, looks good can't find any marks.
    An Oveready V5 E/Scout head in black with red secondary. I am unsure of the main leds but can check the SN at some point. Head has some marks in the ano from pocket wear but not bad. $420

    I'd sell/ship both for $520.00 including shipping.

    1. Surefire EDCL1-T looks new. Has been carried a couple times and used for maybe 30 min total still on original battery. $130
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    Default Re: WTS: Surefire, Oveready

    I'll take the EDCL1-T. PM incoming.

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