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Thread: Sold- Mosler Personal Safe - A small safe for your valuables.

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    Default Sold- Mosler Personal Safe - A small safe for your valuables.

    Sold - Mosler mini safe - This is a real safe, with a real safe lock and dial. There is a steel bar on one end of the door and a locking brass bar on the other. It has an Ilco (group 2) dial and lock, all solid steel construction, with bolt holes in the bottom / back. It has a closed cell foam floor to protect your fine finishes. Relatively small, large enough to fit one or two handguns or a few kilos of precious metals. I get them in olive drab (former INS, US Gov't) and refinish each one before sale. This includes complete disassembly, inspection, painting, possible lube, adjustment, adding seals, etc. This one is in satin black (inside and out) with an oil rubbed bronze rosette painted on the side and an oil rubbed bronze knob. (see pics) Please reply with interest, or simply post an "I'll take it". Dimensions 6.5"H x 8"D x 4"W. Asking Sold $125 Sold shipped USPS priority box to your USA PayPal address.
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