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Thread: Portable Wall Charger & Back-Up Battery

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    Default Portable Wall Charger & Back-Up Battery

    I recall seeing at AT&T a few years back a portable wall charger and backup battery. I am thinking that might be a good thing for me to buy when I want some back up power for my cell phone. I see that both Scosche and Zagg make them. Are there others that I should consider, too?

    So far, I have focused on the Scosche goBAT 6000. I like that it has two USB ports on it.

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    Default Re: Portable Wall Charger & Back-Up Battery

    I have never been a fan of multi-function electronics. I have a couple of MaxBoost power banks that have worked just fine for me. I have also settled on Anker as my USB power supply. I would recommend one of each. That will give you more flexibility and functionality than a combo unit. YMMV
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    Default Re: Portable Wall Charger & Back-Up Battery

    Please don't post duplicate threads, thanks.

    Your other thread was closed.
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    +1 on the Anker especially if your phone has Qualcomm quick charge technology or Samsung's identical fast charge technology some Anker power banks support fast charge input and some support both fast charge input AND output which can speed the charging of compatible phones a lot faster... my phone charges 1% per minute fast charging till it hits about 95% or so. Having fast charge of the power bank can help replenish it a lot faster. I think all phones in the future will have QC 3.0 support or better.
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    Nice thing about Anker is that besides making good stuff, they also seem to update their products frequently and discount the previous best models.
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    I've got Anker and EasyAcc, both are excellent choices

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