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Thread: Good 16340 or RCR123 for HDS

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    Default Good 16340 or RCR123 for HDS

    I just recently got an HDS Tactical and would like to use rechargeable batteries with it, so I am looking for some recommendations on what would be good 16340s or RCR123s to use in it. I donít want to use bad batteries in such a nice flashlight.

    I frequently see AW IMRs recommended, but have heard that they are no longer being made. I found a site that lists them as in stock, but I am a little leery. The site lists them as being 600mah, but whenever Iíve seen discussed it was always 550mah. Could these be legitimate or are they most likely counterfeit?

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    Default Re: Good 16340 or RCR123 for HDS

    I don't have a HDS Tactical but my favorite 16340 battery is:

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    Default Re: Good 16340 or RCR123 for HDS

    Fenix ARB L16-700 Cells.
    True to capacity claims.
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    Default Re: Good 16340 or RCR123 for HDS

    With the HDS, you probably don't need (I'm guessing) high current cells, as we do with some lights, so perhaps an ICR, like the Fenix mentioned above, the Olight, Efest whatever...

    I like the AWT 16340 and HKJ tests out the new red/gold TrustFire (I know) 16340s and they do very well, despite the stigma against 'XXX-Fire' anything. They are the original and a legitimate battery company, although they're woefully counterfeited.

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    Default Re: Good 16340 or RCR123 for HDS

    Thanks all. I went ahead and ordered a couple of the Fenix ARB-L16.

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