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Thread: EDC laser flashlight combo

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    Default EDC laser flashlight combo

    Is there such a thing? Something with only one battery, less than 4Ē long. I apologize if this has been asked before, though I find it hard dot believe it hasnít. Iíve been searching but havenít found a thread. Nor have I been able to find such a product. Seems like it would sell very well

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    I wish there was, but I haven't found anything. I have a Nextorch GL20 which is small, but it isn't a good light or a good laser. Basically I want a streamlight TLR-8 with a pocket clip and tail cap click switch.
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    My flashlight DB has an option for red/green/IR laser under 'LED color' but they are mostly only on weaponlights.

    The GL20 is indeed the least expensive and most EDC-able of the flashlights. The rest are all made by Streamlight. The TwinTask 3AAA Laser, the 3AA ProPolymer Dualie Laser and the TwinTask MultiOps. The MultiOps light also has UV. But they are 5.5" long.
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    I found and ordered a khaki GL20 on the amazons for $12.
    Iíll see how well it works for me.
    Thank you

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