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Thread: Fenix TK75 2015 vs 2018

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    I've had a TK75 2015 for about 2 years. I'm very happy with it. I wanted to get something new, and bought the TK72. I returned it because the handle would get too hot to hold comfortably. My TK75 doesn't do that. I can leave it on level 4 for 15 minutes, and it seems to maintain the same brightness, and only the heat sink area gets hot. The handle stays comfortable to touch.

    Now I want to order the TK75 2018 edition. I've seen the curves on the box that show the highest mode turns off in just a couple minutes and drops to 2,000 lumens. I've read reviews that the 2015 edition would drop in 5% increments to keep the temperature below 65C, and my casual observations seem to say that's correct. I can't see a visible decrease in the brightness when running continuously at highest mode inside at about 70F.

    So do I have this right? The 2018 edition will time out in 2 minutes and drop from 5100 to 2000 and stay there, vs. my 2015 edition which seems to hold the 4000 lumens with no visible reduction for 15 minutes or longer. I feel like the max brightness mode doesn't mean much if it's gone after 2 minutes.

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    I don't have the answer to your question but you may be able to find it in this thread linked below. If it's not there you can always ask a question on that thread and many times the Fenix representative will answer it.!!
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    Thanks. I did read that thread and some others, and the conclusion I reached is the 2018 drops to 2100 lumens after 2 or 3 minutes and stays there, but it seemed to be debated. I'm hoping someone who has the 2018 can confirm, because my 2015 doesn't seem to act that way.

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    @mycandle, I agree with you about this, but afaik you can reselect Turbo mode when it drops down, and it will run for another period on Turbo, whatever that period is. I know this is sometimes inconvenient, but it is a new kind of overheat protection that Fenix uses nowadays.

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