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Thread: Any 3D printers up in here?

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    Default Any 3D printers up in here?

    I've been printing for about 2 years now. I've got a few FDM printers. One of my first projects was designing a diffuser for my HDS flashlights. It worked great. Recently I've been on a storage kick and designed some wall-mount racks for my AAA lights. I plan to make more of these for my larger lights. Soon I'll have all kinds of shelf space freed up! More lights???

    Have you designed or printed anything related to your flashlight hobby?

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    Default Re: Any 3D printers up in here?

    That's pretty cool...
    "Rage, rage against the dying of the light..."

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    Default Re: Any 3D printers up in here?

    That's cool, I really like it.
    I don't have 3D printer yet so I tried to upload your files to Shapeways (privately) but it cost me $40 for single part.

    I think it's better to invest on buying 3D printer instead

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