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Thread: Battery geeks, unite!

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    Default Battery geeks, unite!

    This mural was painted in Wynwood, Miami, home of Zikka Town, right next door to my GF's MidTown, Miami condo. We were driving through, hunting for squitters and came upon this painting, on some entry-way to a funky bar.

    Wynwood is known for it's enclave of muralists/artists and all of the buildings are painted with weird stuff. Lots of galleries, funky bars, restaurants and neat stores.

    Had to pop out and have her snap a few pics, which I thought was relevant for this forum.

    I'm doing my best to suck in my beer gut.

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    Default Re: Battery geeks, unite!

    Hello Chris,

    I love it!!!

    Behind every Great man there's always a woman rolling her eyes...

    Most batteries don't die - they are tortured to near death, then murdered...

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    Default Re: Battery geeks, unite!

    So great. Thanks for posting.

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    Default Re: Battery geeks, unite!

    That's great painting, Chriss.

    then I remembered a "common" view here in my country.

    pic taken from gmaps.

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    Default Re: Battery geeks, unite!


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