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Thread: 2016 Ford Ranger head lights dim

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    Default 2016 Ford Ranger head lights dim

    I find the head lights on my 2016 Ranger too weak, both on dipped and high-beam. Does anyone else share this issue? Please advise any known solutions.
    Regards, Nathan

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    Default Re: 2016 Ford Ranger head lights dim

    I don't have data for the lamps used in the 2016 Ford Ranger since it wasn't sold in North America. Do you mean 2006? Or do you mean 2016? If so, what country did you get it in?

    If it's a 2006, then you might have some wiring problems or your headlamps' lenses (and to some extent, the reflectors) may be in bad shape. If it's a 2016, you might have "long life bulbs" that really need to be replaced.

    You may wish to do a voltage test by following the instructions here--scroll down to HOW TO MEASURE YOUR VOLTAGE DROP.

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