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Thread: Is there any NOS Rallye H7s anywhere?

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    Default Is there any NOS Rallye H7s anywhere?

    Didn't expect them to be discontinued and Racing Visions are too short lived for normal people. Is there anywhere to get them? I found this on eBay but I'm assuming its fake. If not, H7 NHX are oddly expensive on amazon, does anyone have a better price for those?


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    Default Re: Is there any NOS Rallye H7s anywhere?

    Whether those Vosla 80w H7s are real or fake, 80w is too much for stock wiring and for many headlamp housings.

    I've seen fake/Chinese Osram 65w H7 bulbs around, but haven't seen any real ones in awhile.

    If these are real, that's a really nice price. If they aren't, Amazon takes returns! If you prefer the Philips product, this is still less than half the GE price.

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