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    Hey all,

    I like a nice bright, medium distance, single 18650 for my EDC. Currently I own the the Eagletac D25 Tactical. It's a great light, but now I'm seeing brighter single 18650s (jealous :P) and I'm also more interested in a less blue light these days. Bright is cool ( crappy pun intended) but a warmer colored light is more useful. The two lights that I was looking at initially are:

    Zebralight sc600w IV plus (Heard that these are picky with battery size, I own 2 18650 rechargables that may be too big)
    Eagletac DX3B Mini Pro (CREE XHP50.2 J4 Neutral White LED) (utilizing the battery extension tube)

    Any thought's/comments/concerns/alternatives?


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    Default Re: Bright single 18650

    Zebralight's are awesome little lights, yes the one mentioned requires a higher drain 18650 flat top. So sanyo GA or sony vtc6 would work well along with samsung 30Q to name 3 examples. Cant comment on that particular eagtac as i dont have.

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    Default Re: Bright single 18650

    Well, (1x)18650 is likely the largest single category of flashlights currently, with probably thousands of choices.

    You may get better advice here by filling out and (copy-paste) posting the "checklist" with your requirements and preferences, starting with preferred budget
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    Hi there!

    I am new to serious flashlights. But after reading here I have purchased the Zebralight mentioned and also a ThruNite Neutron 2C V3 1100 Lumen which is a rechargeable 18650 light. Both are great lights. The Thrunite is longer but is also a charger. The Zebralight is a dwarf in comparison. I really like the Thrunite infinity brightness regulation (sorry if it is not called that) and mode of operation. Uses protected cells as well. If I had to choose I would pick the thrunite because of the mode of operation (works like a dimmer), is rechargeable, uses protected cells and is as bright as the zebralight whose only real advantage to me is the size.


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    If you want a real treat go for a high CRI zebralight...it makes colors pop in a way most other lights can't. Only downside to mine is it gets a bit hot and doesn't stay on turbo for very long. I also recommend the thrunite neutron 2c.

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    Default Re: Bright single 18650

    My EDC is the smaller SC64, a high CRI version. Highly recommended due to size, durability, beam, UI, and efficiency.

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    I've got a ZL SC600 CW, but mostly EDC a ET D25C Ti. clicky.

    If you want a high quality, really bright 18650 light, for $40 shipped (more for XP-L), get the Emisar D4 with any one of a few emitters. I went with the Nichia 219CT. It's a quad light with a ramping UI.

    For another $7+ all shipped, you can get a nice pocket clip and an 18350 body.

    You will want to get a couple of Sony VTC-5a high drain cells.

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