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Thread: Boring: to 3123 or not to 3123

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    Default Boring: to 3123 or not to 3123

    What is the argument against boring?
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    I can't think of any reason to bore 2xAA for 3xCR123A. I've never heard of anyone doing it. You lose the ability to use rechargeable batteries and the voltage jumps from 3V to 9V. Old 3xCR123A Surefires are relatively inexpensive. Probably cheaper than boring.
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    Quote Originally Posted by night.hoodie View Post

    What is the argument against boring?
    Durability due to thin tubing. Something some older Streamlight 2x123 faced where a drop caused the front end to snap off.

    Streamlight was trying for a cross between a 6P and an E, where their TL2 was a smaller/lighter 6P competitor.
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    The 2xAA SureFire are somewhat uncommon (though not rare) and have tended to hold their value relatively well (in stock form)

    There are other (and better) ways to run 9V incandescent, if that is your goal ....
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    Thanks guys. I thought that the tube thickness may be as thick as E2e tubes, and 18mm boring is common enough with those, I that thought maybe these tubes could withstand 16mm boring and still remain reasonably bomb-proof, threads not jeopardized. Boring E2e doesn't seem to detract from the resale value, usually adds $50 to the value. But E2e are vastly more common, and different Surefire models have value for sometimes different, often inscrutable, reasons. Sounds like these are better off left as is, are more desirable stock and unmolested. Short of someone making a compelling argument for boring them, the nays have it. I can get to 9V (7.4V) with 2x14500 Li-ion if I want to, but I'm realizing more and more 3V is just right for the most applications.

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    I thought you meant for 18mm cells.

    Heck, a CR123 is pretty close to those 16650's already. Not being familiar with the aa E, I cannot say whether removing about 2mm would be bad.... but, what will you use for a "bulb"?

    Anything even available for the E head? (Well a Tads bi-pin and a Streamlight TL3 bulb could work)
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