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    hello everyone I would like your opinion on the torches pkdesignlab and what is your opinion the best model
    I discovered this brand by chance and its models have a very special design

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    PK used to work for SureFire.

    He left and started his own company. He does PK Design Lab as a sideline hobby.

    Here is a thread:

    I've been pocket carrying a PR-1 since they came out nearly 2 years ago. No issues at all.
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    There's a US stockist called that have a very informative site. I think they may ship to this side of the Pond if you ask nicely.

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    I have the 1XAAA model and itís good. Past my field use review and is still working.
    The TK20. Yes it still rocks.

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    I love PK stuff, excellent designs(brave /bold designs compared to the norm). I have found with PK, you try out and use, then with time you get to appreciate the finer details and why they were done. Thatís what happens when a genius designs them

    Oh and PK himself is a super awesome guy! Not just a flashlight, itís a part of PK.

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    For clarity; I own Milepost28. I began acquiring PK Design Lab lights as a big fan of his work. I was later honored to become a seller of them. The FL2 LE is still my favorite flashlight, which is one of literally hundreds in my collection. I speak well of PK's lighting tools as a fan, not a businessman.

    When he left SureFire he began a series of lights with personal protection in mind, for potential kubatan devices.

    His forte' was lights to be used by military and police. He stuck with that approach with his PKDL items. At first the "schtick" was brightest lights made. But this was at a time when lumen wars meant the 'brightest' was subjective. Companies were stating higher numbers in a boost mode that quickly settled down to numbers less that PK's lights held steady from turn on to battery depletion.

    His designs were vastly different and not seen by the masses as appealing. Being PKDL is a hobby while he earns a living designing lights for other uses such as stairway lighting, he decided to stop producing lights aimed at consumers and turn to weapons mount lighting. Again PK was/is designing lights aimed at military and police markets.

    His previous lights from PKDL got a bad rap with some because they are made in China. Yet the process he uses is state of the art manufacturing a few at a time in a 2 car garage sized building and assembled by a couple of craftsmen.
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    I have his Icon Rogue 1 (lime green, carrot peeler), which I bought 5-6 years ago and for what it is, it's a nice little light that was $15ish, but they're woefully under powered for even their time.

    Icon didn't last long and he moved onto other projects.

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    very good LE stuff. btw,- anything new this year from PK?.
    thank you.
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    The AA is not going forward neutralwhite, but....

    Spy photos

    Actually these are what PK is releasing on his facebook page. No details on availability, pricing, release or even the details just yet.
    I can say all of these shown were 3 years in the making (so far).

    When I have more details I'll add to the PK Design Lab products thread. But I think these are going to be primarily for sale in contracts at first.
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