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Thread: Rofis MR70.THE JACK OF ALL TRADES!!!!

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    Default Rofis MR70.THE JACK OF ALL TRADES!!!!

    ROFIS Mr70
    Hi everyone, here Iam just sharing my experience with the new ROFIS MR70.I was in search for a good all-round flashlight and this one came to my notice and I just bought it without any second thoughts.
    And I must say, I am pretty happy with this.Rofis is relatively a new brand, but they really deserves a place with the premium manufacturers.
    The flashlight has many features that I was longing for in a single flashlight.
    The primary reason I bought it, was to use it during my overnight campings.Its high lumens,good runtimes ,ability to charge mobile phones and very handy side light all came in handy during my campings.

    The user interface is very simple and easy to remember.
    --Single click turns on the main led on to the last used settings.Another click turns off the light.
    --Double click from off or any mode to access turbo directly.
    --Triple click for strobe.
    --Pess and hold for more than 1 sec from off to activate side led.
    --When on press and hold switch to cycle through modes.
    --When off press and hold for more than 2 sec to activate locator function.If continued to press the light will go to lockout mode.

    Here is a brief overview of manufacturers specs.

    Lumens & Runtime
    Main LED:

    • Turbo:3500~1500~1000 lm/1+10+190 mins
    • High:1500~1000 lm/10+206 mins
    • Mid:450 lm/9 hrs
    • Low:30 lm/120 hrs
    • Strobe:2000lm/252mins
    • SOS:1000lm/285 mins

    Side LED :

    • High:200~120 lm/640 mins
    • Mid:60 lm/36 hrs
    • Low:3 lm/ 7 days


    • Length:127 mm/5"
    • Head Diameter:39.2 mm/1.54"
    • Tail Diameter:31.0 mm/1.22"
    • Weight(without battery) :139g/0.3lb/4.09oz


    -Uses a 26650 5500mAh high-rate discharge lithium battery,the main light and side light dual light source design.
    -The main light utilizes XHP70.2 P2 CW LED,output up to 3500Lumens.
    - Side light utilizes XP-G2 R5 NW LED,maximum output to 200Lumens
    -One-touch control all function,it is easy to operate.
    -Body with Micro-USB charging,which supports up to 2A charge.
    -Can be used as a mobile power supply,use the USB adapter provide power to other devices,the maxmum output to 2.2A;with a discharge capacity reminder.
    -Uses constant current circuit, with high battery effciency,stable output.
    -Reverse polarity protection to prevent incorrect battery installation.
    -Battery power indicator,low battery reminder function.
    -With electronic and mechanical locking function prevent accidental turn on.
    -One-pieces shell construction.
    -Made of aero grade aluminum alloy,premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish.
    -With flashlight locator feature.

    Package included:
    1 x MR70 flashlight
    1 x ROFIS 26650 5500mAh battery
    1 x Charging cable
    1 x Otg cable
    1 x Holster
    1 x Lanyard
    1 x USB cover
    1 x User manual
    2 x O-ring

    The packaging is quite compact considering the flashluight size and supplied accessories.

    The light comes with a high capacity battery and many accessories.

    The light itself looks premium and beautiful, it's unibody design is sturdy and very comfortable to grip.The glossy anodisation is very attractive to look at.

    The xhp70.2 led is perfectly centered inside the orange peel reflector.The glass has anti reflective coating.Also a GITD oring is fitted inside the glass.

    The GITD is helpful in locating flashlight at dark.

    The flashlight comes with a high drain 26650.Its branded Rofis and is a flat top cell.

    The rated capacity is 5500mah, but during my discharging and charging tests, I got around 6100mah even after calculating at 90% efficiency.
    From flashlight completely drained to full charge it took around 4800mah to fully charge at 5.1v.Converting it to 3.7v with 90% efficiency we get approximately 6100mah for the battery capacity

    The tailcap has a gold plated spring.The spring has good tension .

    The knurling on the tailcap is very grippy.

    The tail cap threadings are square cut and are very well lubricated.Removing and instaling tailcap is very smooth.Its anodised to allow mechanicall lockout mode by unscrewing the tail cap a little.

    The positive plate is also gold plated .

    The supplied accessories are all of very high quality .The provided holster is very protective and of good quality.

    The lanyard is also of good quality and can be adjusted .

    Extra set of o-rings and USB plug are also provided

    The flashlight has an onboard usb charging feature ,which supports up to 2A of fast charging.From completely drain condition, the charging begins at a around 1.6A and will slowly increase to 2A.In my testing it took around 3.5-4 hours to completely charge the battery.The led turns from red to green when fully charged.

    The fashight has a low battery indicator ,that reminds you to charge the light.The red led blinks when the battery is low.When entirely drained the flashlight cannot be turned on to prevent battery overdraining.Only the side switch blinks red when we try to turn on the light.

    The flashlight has a battery level indicator.It just tells whether the battery is above or below 40%.To check slightly unscrew the tail cap and screw on the tail cap.The side switch led lights green for 2 sec if battery percentage is above 40%or red if below 40%.Not that informative but still comes in handy.

    The flashlight has a floody beam pattern.The hotspot is big and throws the light to quite a distance due to its sheer brightness.The spill is bright and covers great area.The beam tint is toward colder side,though the hotspot tint looks near to 5000k.

    Size and beam comparison with Rofis R2

    The R2 has a tighter and well defined hotspot,due to its smaller led and smooth reflector.
    The side led has a white diffuser.The tint is warmer than the main led and the beam is floody.Its activated by pressing and holding the power switch for more than 1 sec.Its output can be cycled from low to high by pressing and holding the switch when the side light is on.It also has a mode memory, even though I would have liked it without that.If it had no mode memory need could have used it for moonlight mode, as there is no option in this light to directly access lowest lumen setting .

    The flashlight can charge other usb powered devices at a healthy 1.5A using the supplied Otg cable.
    While discharging
    - The side switch green led blinks four times at a time to indicate battery percent above 80%.
    - The side switch green led blinks thrice at a time to indicate battery percent is between 50-79%.
    - The side switch green led blinks twice at a time to indicate battery percent is between 20-49%.
    - The side switch green led blinks once at a time to indicate battery percent is below 20%.
    - Below 5% capacity, the flashlight stops discharging.

    To summarize my entire views,I have made a list of pros and cons.
    1--Aesthetically good looking, different from the current models.
    2-Feels great in hand, very comfortable grip
    3-High quality accessories.Otg cable even supports data transfer.
    4- High quality finish and anodization.
    5-Good clean threads with ample lubrication.Smooth square threads
    6-Clean white beam with zero artifact.primarily a flood light with adequate throw.
    7-Good clear AR coated front glass
    8-Good tactile plastic switch.Recessed to protect accidental activation.Very easy to get the location of switch by handfeel
    9- Good single switch user interface.
    10-Charges at a quick rate of around 1.6-2.A.
    11-battery level indicator during discharge is very handy.
    12-High quality orange peel reflector,provides great spill and adequate throw.
    13-Good runtimes on high mode with supplied high capacity battery.
    14-Very handy side led light with wide diffused warm light.
    15-Good ultra low mode for side led.
    16-Good mode separation.Great idea to separate turbo from normal mode group.
    17- Good strobe mode.
    18-Support charging and discharging at 2A.
    19-Completely charges in around 4 hrs
    20-comfortably tail stands.
    21-Great idea to include GITD oring.
    22-Has a bright red locator light function on side switch
    23-Good water-proofing and impact resistant construction.
    24-For emergency the side led can be used in medium mode while recharging.
    1-Main led have a cooler tint rather than a preferable neutral one.
    2-side led cover, should have been a glass or lens.It really takes away the premium looks, although beam profile is well diffused.
    3-No way for direct access to moonlight mode.
    4-Battery level indicator is not that informative as it just says above or below 40℅ .Although noted that in discharge mode it almost gives accurate battery percentages.
    5-Flashlight won't support 3500lm mode if battery is below 60~70%.That is even if battery indicator flashes green , one cannot use turbo .
    7-Timed stepdown rather than temperature dependent.
    8-Shouldn't have given mode memory to side led.Turning on at moonlight everytime was preferable.
    9-No tailcap magnet, which would have been handy ,for using with side led.

    Even though it has it's cons, it's pros easily wins over proving this light to be a Jack of all trades and Master of some!!!
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    Default Re: Rofis MR70.THE JACK OF ALL TRADES!!!!

    I ended up buying this light last month... I'll be adding a few thoughts on it once I've used it a bit more.
    How are you finding the light after 6+ months?
    Does it get much use?

    how do you compare it to your other lights?

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