Looking for a solution to the 2009, 2010, F-150 instrument cluster (speedo, tach etc.) back lighting (the slight blue hue in the picture) being switched off automatically by the dashboard daylight sensor.

When in automatic mode the dash instrument sensor senses the sunlight and turns off the instrument lighting.

In manual headlight mode (turns the headlights on manually) the result is the same and when sunlight is sensed the instrument lights are turned off.

Ford manual suggested calibrating the instrument cluster by cycling the dimmer switch from full left to full right. Tried that with no change.

Suspect the original design was to turn off the instrument cluster back light when operating in daylight and automatically turn them on in the dark. The problem is the cluster visor is very effective and so the instruments are hard to see in the daylight with bright sunlight.

The short term solution is a soda bottle cap over the dashboard daylight sensor, some black rattle can paint and velcro. This makes the sensor think it's dark and turns on the instrument back lighting. Unfortunately this turns on the headlights and running lights all the time.

So I was looking for a long term fix. Has anyone else has heard of this problem and/or tried anything to remedy daylight viewing of the cluster? Maybe some small LEDs mounted into the cluster and wired to a keyed circuit?