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Thread: Need help identifying this Flashlight

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    Post Need help identifying this Flashlight

    Hello there,

    I need your help! Does someone recognize this Flashlight:

    My own researches led me to believe, that it is some type of combo flashlight, with an incandescent standard flashlight in the front and a florescent bulb on the bottom. The color may vary.

    It would be super helpful to know the make and model and probably where I can find this exact flashlight to buy.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Need help identifying this Flashlight

    Not exactly the same, but looks a bit like this one ...

    For a while, there were quite a few (mostly cheap) versions of these, labeled with various brands.

    I think @bykfixer might know more, if he sees this thread.
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    Thanks Archi.

    No clue here. I've seen the one you showed but not the that is the reason for this thread.
    Maybe Lift'd4R knows.
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    Default Re: Need help identifying this Flashlight

    The question I have is is that a normal fluorescent tube or a CCFL? It would help in identifying the light. Given the size and configuration I am assuming it used AA cells.

    CCFL: Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light
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    Default Re: Need help identifying this Flashlight

    Quote Originally Posted by bykfixer View Post
    Maybe Lift'd4R knows.
    I wish but not a clue.

    Maybe OP can tell us where he acquired the picture from. It looks to be a European light based on the metric units. The picture almost looks to be computer generated.

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