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Thread: Weird Science: behavior of water-logged TIP and TINI

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    Talking Weird Science: behavior of water-logged TIP and TINI

    I had thrown my lanyard holding my Tip and Tini into a plastic bag that I discovered actually had water in it five minutes after I had done so. Apparently, each had been submersed for that time. (For the curious, the water had seeped out of a smaller bag holding some grapes.)

    I only realized each light was submersed because the water had somehow turned on the Tip, unless an object in the bag had pressed down on the switch when I put stuff in the bag with the lights (something I doubt because when I placed down the bag I think I would have quickly noticed the incredible brightness of the Tip.) I suspect the water seeped through each light's on/off and mode buttons.

    Here are the issues: I could not turn off the Tip even after switching modes; eight hours later it is still on (edit: at the end of writing this post it finally went off); the mode would escalate on its own, and only a few times could I revert it to a lower mode; I turned on the Tini (to see if it would still work, I know, not a good move!) and could not get it to turn off, no doubt due to the water that had seeped inside; the Tip cycled on its own when I would try to use the mode button; weirdly, the on/off button has acted as the mode button all day; the Tini also would not turn off but several hours it apparently discharged its battery.

    I had no time today to purchase the type of screwdriver to open up each light to thoroughly dry out each light.

    Should I throw out each light even if I dry out the light for several days by opening it up? (I have a back-up Tip.)

    If I keep each light, would future re-charging as well as use of each be "safe" and present no issues including safety concerns? I have no clue if lithium batteries once in contact with water become permanently damaged and their operation later affected negatively as well as the operation of the rest of the light impacted.

    Because of paranoia, I never charge any light (or battery) unless I am in the same room.

    Thanks in advance for your insights and expertise!

    - LetThereBe No More Water-logged Lights!

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    I Had a TIP that my youngest would always get wet or it got washed from being left in a pocket. Canít even count how many times. After letting it sit in the sun to dry out it would charge and run like normal, like nothing happened.

    Came home one one day and it looked like it was left in the road or driveway and run over several times. Kinda bent and dented, still worked. Next time it got washed the buttons got ripped off and it stayed on until it was drained. Figured it had enough abuse and trashed it.

    That thing was tough and took a bunch of straight up abuse. They tend to be perfectly fine after being dried out.

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    Thank you, Boris. I will wait a few days to make sure it is thoroughly dried.

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