If you are like me you don't really enjoy programming a flashlight with clicks or half clicks on the switch or twisting heads back and forth. I have good news. The Nitecore P26 solves this by providing an analog variable resistor that gives you continuously variable brightness and access to the strobe mode. Operating the the P26 is simplicity itself. Turn the control knob counterclockwise to the end of its range and you have strobe mode. A tiny turn clockwise puts you at maximum brightness constant mode which is 1000 lumens through the CREE XP-L HI V3 LED. More movement clockwise reduces the light output continuously until you reach the end of the clockwise travel where the output is barely visible. The setting remains when you turn the light off and on again as long as you don't adjust the control. The tail cap switch only turns the unit on and off.

My unit arrived without a battery but the unit works with your choice of a 18650 battery or a pair of CR123A's. I fired it up with a Nitecore 18650 rated at 3500 Mah. The output is wide and strong at maximum output. The unit does come with a lanyard and removable pocket clip and features an anti-roll feature at the tail of the unit.

The aluminum body is black anodized with some grippy machining at the waist. You can find the specs on the Nitecore web site. I would have uploaded an image but couldn't find a way to do it. I like the light a lot and recommend it to all you flashlight non-programmers.