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Thread: Reflector options?

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    Recently upgraded the emitter in my old l2tv2.0 from the once-upgraded xre r2 to a nichia 219. Went well, very well. Light was bright and floods before now itís even brighter and even floodier... albeit with a great color tint. I can work with this and itís totally useable... but I prefer more of a thrower (or at least less floody).

    And suggestions for a reflector? I have to pull the head back apart and measure the reflector but it appears to be about 19mm (definitely less than 20). Plus it threads into the head and holds the lens in place. Looks like there are some options out there but very few.

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    What have you found so far?

    Are you set on a reflector vs polymer optics?

    The optical setups have gotten pretty highly engineered at this point. You can pretty much just look at the catalogues and look at beam out put distributions that you like.

    One brand is carlco, can't remember the others right now.
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    indeed... you will be served well with a 10-15 degree optic. I do not think they make ones with less than this angle.
    Cutter carries many brands

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    Well, the reflector is about 19.5mm diameter by 13mm tall with a threaded outside to screw into the bezel. This would not be necessary with an isolator washer but would be desirable. Optics are an option as well. Looks like kai domain might have some possible reflectors but not sure if they would offer any improvement. I will look for a carclo catalog to see if they have any which will work.

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