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Thread: Want to "Buy"

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    I'd like to "buy" my Omicron and rayskin case back after it was pilfered in transit in the Lehigh US Postal distribution center on July 6th . Send me a PM if you have the calones and want to get it back to the rightful owner--me. No retribution when you demonstrate your honesty...you didn't swiping it in the first place.


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    How did they know what was in the package? familiar address, or they know what you've been getting in the mail? i never have to worry about them stealing my stuff from the distribution center. they keep delivering it to my neighbor. and that jackass just opens the packages and uses the lights like they're his.
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    Your assumption here is that a CPF member with PM privileges stole your items? WTB is not a discussion thread. You might want to start a discussion re you mishap in an appropriate discussion forum. Closing this.

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